Does your business need a personalised website that is tailored exactly to your needs, however specific they may be? Let us do the hard work for you. From complex web shops to the displaying of a shop’s opening times, we have the experience that qualifies us to justify your unique ideas with a professional website. The cost of all counselling, concept composition and an initial cost estimate is undertaken free of charge. We offer competitive rates on all types of webpages, with the average sub-page costing only 300 CHF to complete.

Composing an offer

Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll send a detailed offer as soon as possible. This offer will include a generally binding price for review. Problems along the way? This binding price will remain unchanged, even if any unexpected difficulties occur during development.

Creating a concept

After the acceptance of the proposed offer, our team will begin work on the finished website concept. Here, any prospective or additional ideas will be considered and incorporated into the plan for the website. We will work closely with you at this stage to ensure that the produced concept is perfectly suited to your requirements. This stage of the design process can be completed by E-mail, phone or face-to-face conversations.

Programming a website

The agreed-upon concept will act as a plan that our veteran team of programmers will follow whilst developing your website. All of our websites come pre-packaged with the Integrated Content Manager System as standard. This vital tool allows you to personally adjust any features of your website manually, should you need to. As soon as the initial development is complete, your website will be presented for review. After feedback has been given, any necessary tweaks will be completed and this process will repeat until you are completely satisfied with your finished product.

Handover and Introduction

Once the website is completed and you are pleased with the results, we’ll activate your new website as soon as possible to avoid any wasted time. No URL? No problem. As a complete package provider, we will take care of the establishment and registration of your chosen website address and offer you hosting services, if they are required. An up-to-date, thorough manual and introduction to Integrated Content Manager System is also included so that you will feel confident working with your new website.

What the offer includes

  • Initial concept design
  • A unique, well-constructed website
  • Detailed introduction package and set-up support

Optional services:

  • Personalised URL registration
  • Website hosting and administration


  • Average sub-page: 300 CHF
  • URL management: 20 CHF a year
  • Hosting services: Around 25 CHF a month

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