In today’s competitive business environment, only those with the highest standard of tools thrive. Using programs such as Microsoft Excel© and other general purpose software can leave your enterprise handicapped in the face of tough competition. Here at SWA IT, we can offer incredibly efficient and cost-effective development solutions that will put you ahead of the game.

Screenshot of an individual software solution in the mobile view.

Cost estimate

As a growing, versatile business ourselves we understand that all costs must be taken into account before any important decisions are undertaken. After all, working with us may be one of the most paramount steps on the road to success and accomplishment for your company. Essential to any project is a cost estimate, which can be undertaken by us free of charge before we start any work.

Requirement analysis

Following an approved cost estimate, a requirements analysis will be promptly drafted and completed by one of our experienced project managers for review. Subsequently, a second cost estimate will be produced and a budget set. The development process can then be initiated at once.


Several different project management methods are employed by us, so that you can decide how you access your finished product. Your software solution can be delivered either periodically with updated features and functions or as a complete one-time package on a set date. This flexible process allows the maintenance of a close professional relationship with you right through to the completion of the project. Furthermore, you will be able to have a direct influence on the functions and layout of all new software; we guarantee that customisation of this software will be straightforward and hassle free.

Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps utilise the latest technology and offer several advantages compared to ordinary client-based software. These apps combine the benefits of locally installed programs (such as Microsoft Word© or Excel ©) with the speed and all-encompassing accessibility that online websites provide. This means that this software can be used globally by any employees granted access to the web application.

Handover and introduction

Included in every software solution we provide is a personalised manual that, along with a guided tour of your impressive new product, will provide an in-depth introduction to your software. Our team of programmers also offer support for any issues that may arise during usage. Complimentary, priority access to our team of experts guarantees that any problems will be dealt with reliably and quickly.

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